Books Restoration and Repairs

paper_conservation_0001One of the most requested services at Craftsman’s Bookbinder Services are the book restoration and repairs, which take up to 60% of the staff’s time. Since one of the most prominent aspects of printed books is the fact that they are subjected to deterioration each second, the fact that so many people bring their books in for repairs comes as no surprise and it has become a typical part in the company’s routine.

Depending on the degree of deterioration of the books that are brought in for repairs, the specialized staff will decide which is the most adequate technique to be applied: minimal maintenance and repairs for simple scuffs and scratches, basic repairs for more extensive issues or full restoration for books that have an advanced degree of deterioration.

The more advanced is the degree of deterioration of one book, the longer the restoration process will be, and all customers who bring in their books will receive accompanying tracking numbers, which will allow them to see the progress of the repair on their books.

However, impatient customers must look elsewhere, since the restoration process for some of the most deteriorated books can last up to 6 months, due to the fact that the attention to detail and diligence of the staff that is assigned with the repairs is exceptional. Rushing the process would only result in poor workmanship and this in turn yields undesirable results, therefore the staff at Craftsman’s Bookbinder Services always delivers quality results thanks to the steady and slow approach.

One of the main advantages for those who bring in their books for repairs at Craftsman’s Bookbinder Services is the fact that they can also attend the repair process if they are curious or interested. When bringing in the respective books for repairs or restoration they need to state that they wish to be present during the key moments of the process and they shall be called when the time is right.