Casino Scorekeeping Books for Passionate Gamblers

flickr-58572_20140513111214461Craftsman’s Bookbinder Services’ owners are passionate gamblers and in order to also reflect this in the works of the company, they have created an unique service that ensures the creation or customization of books for scorekeeping that are used by experienced gamblers in casinos.

The owners’ passion for gambling has its origins early in the days when the company was still performing shoe repairs and in order to be able to afford more advanced tools and equipment, they would gamble, especially at the slots, and using their earnings, they would reinvest them in the company, by buying more capable machinery.

One might say that their involvement into gambling has helped them shaping the company they have today and gambling still remains an integral part of their daily lives, only that now they have made the transition to online gambling and are seeking for expire domains which they can turn into active and lively casino platforms.

Since experienced gamblers love to keep an evidence of their daily earnings in their so called “scorekeeping” books, the owners of Craftsman’s Bookbinder Services thought it would be interesting to also create such books, or allow those who already have their own, to have them customised with various artwork.

The most requests that come on this regard are to apply various symbols on the casino scorekeeping books, such as the lemon and cherry symbols that are present on most casino slots. Additional details, such as the gambler’s name, nickname and favourite game can be applied through embroidery, hot glue or acrylic, depending on the individual player’s preferences.

One thing is sure: no matter what gamblers choose to have on their casino scorekeeping books, they will have a great satisfaction when they leave the casino with their pockets filled with the day’s earnings and when they arrive home write those in their books.