On this page, people who are interested in the range of bookbinding services offered by Craftsman’s Bookbinder Services will have a chance to learn more about the different options for having their books fitted with covers or restored, depending on their specific requirements.

There are multiple options available for those who are in need of bookbinding services and, depending o the individual preferences, in the end, the staff at Craftsman’s Bookbinder Services will make sure that the best services are offered.

In terms of classic bookbinding services, customers can choose from the following:

  • Simple bookbinding: destined for those who have printed materials and are seeking for appropriate covers for their work, this service includes the application of a predefined design cover, which can be further customized, depending on the individual preferences;
  • Advanced bookbinding: a more complex bookbinding service, it is mainly preferred by those who have extensive printed works, in large format and which require additional covers and elements;
  • Special bookbinding 1: this package is well suited for people who wish to add special artwork to the predefined book covers, or to their own book covers, and they can choose from a wide range of motifs and artworks.

For the restoration and repair services, people will benefit from the following services:

  • Basic restoration: for mildly deteriorated books, this service covers all the books that are brought in for minor repairs, such as cover cleaning or page pressing;
  • Extended restoration: addressing books which exhibit severe deterioration, this service will be the ideal choice for those who bring in books that are destroyed significantly and which might require complete cover replacements;
  • Replication service: for the most demanding restoration processes, this service will help replicate the contents of books that are destroyed beyond the point of being eligible for classic, step-by-step repairs and improvements.