Learn More About Bookbinding and Restoration

bookbinding-and-book-restoration-in-italySeeing as there might be people who are interested about the process behind book bindings and book restoration, this page will present some of the steps that are undertaken from the moment the customer leaves the books with the staff and until the books are ready to be picked up.

Once the books are left with the staff, the customer receives an unique tracking number, which allows him or her to constantly know the progress of the bookbinding process by entering the number in the tracking page.

The books then undergo a classification process, being sent out to the correct department – classic book bindings, repairs, restoration or special services and detail work. Each book is assigned a process label, which gets filled with more details as soon as the book goes to the next step in the process.

Books which end in the classic bookbinding process, will receive their new book covers, through hot glue application, sewing, or plastic molding, depending on the customer’s preferences. The hot glue application and plastic molding are performed using the special press and the sewing or stitching is done manually, to ensure the quality of the workmanship.

Moving along to the restoration and repair department, the books which end up there will undergo a preliminary inspection, which is closely followed by the initial deterioration report, which is used by the next persons in the process for removing cover pieces, adding materials or adjusting the existent ones. Common techniques will entail using vacuum cleaners, brushes, fine pliers and spatulas for handing the debris and cover dirt.

Exiting the processing line, the books and their covers will be cleaned thoroughly and the additional elements such as labels and packaging will be attached, before storing the books for the customers to come pick them up and inspect them to check if they meet the specifications.