The Art of Bookbinding

I am sure we have all read one, if not many, book in our lives. Have you ever given much thought to how the many pages of these books are held together to actually make it a book? Bookbinding is what this process is called. It involves taking a stack of papers and turning it into a beautifully unified book. The process is quite complex and involves binding papers by sewing the folds using strong threads or more modernly, an adhesive. Once attached, the papers are covered using one of a number of materials. Older books used stiffer, more wooden boards whereas a lot of newer books use softer material that is more flexible.

Technology has allowed this process to become much more efficient and streamlined. However, traditionally, there were bookbinding processes for stationary and journal style books that differed from the bookbinding for novels and books for reading. Books traditionally had much more rigid binding. Some still value a book and appreciate the art and craftsmanship of a book that is bound by hand. Some call it art and value these books like some of us value art on our walls.

Though we use our laptops, computers, phones, and tablets to read, write and do all that books can do, there are still many who appreciate and enjoy a good, traditional book. Apps are being developed by developers such as Aquro that allow us to enjoy all of our favourite books in one place and anywhere without bringing the book or books with us. This makes bookbinding less and less necessary, reducing the need for large production facilities. Though we all can appreciate the novelty of a physical book, by reading even some of our favourite or choice reading on our mobile device, we are reducing the burden of production facilities which reduces the flow of chemicals into the environment, reduces costs and actually have a lot of great benefits!