Years of Luxurious Bookbinder Services

corporate2Craftsman’s Bookbinder Services and all its employees have provided year after year impeccable service in the wonderful bookbinding business. They have performed for various customers, both personal and corporate. The attention to detail and impressive flexibility in terms of customization have given Craftsman’s Bookbinder Services a flawless reputation among the ranks of bookbinding companies.

More details about the company, its background and future goals will be provided on this page.

Having been initially established as a shoe repair store, the company began shifting its targeted public mainly because there was an abundance of libraries and bookstores in the area, and even the staff’s children were having the need for school books to be repaired. As time went by, the company began to work exclusively in bookbinding and more and more librarians, bookkeepers and scholars began to call upon their services.

Having established themselves firmly on the bookbinding market, the firm started doing its famous, “finer detail” and “special edition” bookbinding works, which still remain one of the best ways one can customize his books with intricate artistic elements.

Since most of the customers who were arriving at the firm were mainly requesting for their old books to be fitted with new covers, the staff at Craftsman’s Bookbinder Services finally decided it was time to establish a new division, for book restoration and repairs, which handles all books that are disintegrated to a certain degree.

As for those whose requests involve adding new covers to newly published material, the company offers quality and tried and tested bookbinding techniques, which have leaved all past customers happy and with great results.

Beside the classic bookbinding services provided, one can also choose to add other artistic elements to books, such as brooches, pins, embedded medallions or even embroideries with customizable text, artwork and images.